MDT understands the critical importance of securing our clients’ data – in their internal environment, as well as providing protection to them from external threats.

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Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

2FA makes it easy to protect remote access to applications including Cisco SSL VPN, Microsoft RDP, and UNIX SSH using your smartphone or hardware token. With no hardware to install and a simple user experience, deployment is a snap. A centralized admin panel and intuitive reporting features means easy, ongoing administration as well. 2FA helps credit unions meet regulatory requirements; if credential theft occurs, your systems have this additional, powerful layer of protection.

Vulnerability Management

Thwart security threats by identifying, tracking, and remediating enterprise vulnerabilities before attackers can exploit them. Schedule vulnerability scans to run automatically at your desired frequency to meet risk management policies or regulatory requirements. Standard vulnerability reports include prioritized threat severity, impact, and remediation guidance. Additional services are available for providing executive and board presentations, additional risk context, and support with remediation steps.

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Network Security Monitoring

Modern malware often evades traditional signature-based anti-virus products and establishes a command and control (C2) connection with malicious servers that are controlled by criminals. With this service, best-in-class security sensors are positioned on our client’s ISP connection to detect these advanced attacks and malware communications. Detailed incident emails are sent to you in the event a confirmed compromised host is identified.

Threat Intelligence

Hundreds of open source intelligence web sites are analyzed daily to identify threats and activity that impact the financial sector. This information is summarized with additional analysis, actionable countermeasures, and security signatures, and is delivered daily to you via an opt-in email subscription. You can access an internal forum to augment the information with technology or process recommendations. Threat intelligence and collaboration is an emerging regulatory requirement; actively using this information can better prepare you to defend your network against criminals.

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Security Awareness Training

Educating employees on the risks of phishing attacks and actively testing them is imperative to security. With this service, you will be able to simulate real-world phishing attacks and provide ongoing video based training for employees.