In his role as Chief Technology Digital Officer at MDT, Matt Baaki provides leadership in the strategic areas of product selection and integration, product implementation, and support.

Matt’s 16-year career in the credit union industry consists of tenure at both a credit union and a CUSO and also includes responsibility for software services, professional services, client relations, and training.

Matt currently serves on several specialty advisory boards and committees, offering his expertise to the continuous evolution of financial products and services for both MDT clients and other credit unions.



Interestingly, Matt is physically fit but it’s rather confusing as to how this can be. Yes, he’s a runner, an activity he recently took up after retiring from basketball due to bad ankles (seems odd that he now runs with bad ankles), but he loves to wolf down steak and a nice Malbec from Spain or Argentina. Yes, he golfs in a league with his brother and swims with his kids, but he could eat pizza every day. And he rounds out his meals of choice with “the best Mexican,” Taco Bell, which he likes to wash down with a couple of Coronas with lime.

When he’s not fishing or hunting birds, Matt can be found on the sofa binge-watching many of the original shows Netflix has to offer. His current two favorites are Zoo and any of the Marvel shows. With a pizza slice in one hand and the remote in the other, he’s a pretty happy guy!