In her role as MDT’s Vice President of Marketing & Communications, Carla Bettens heads the team who are responsible for branding, marketing, and the public face of the organization – in news publications, on the website, and in social media – all product promotion, all corporate client events, and all internal and external information sharing.

Carla brings to MDT a broad array of leadership skills in the area of strategic alliances, business development and product management, including numerous others. In her 30+ years in the financial software services industry, one of her major contributions has been to greatly expand and successfully promote her organizations’ product offerings to the benefit of both the organizations and their customers. She attributes a lot of her success to her passion for empowering team members and ultimately the organizations, and allowing the best in each to contribute to the corporate successes.

Carla has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration (Computer Information Systems and Marketing) from Eastern Michigan University. She also earned a Master’s Certification in Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) from Life Learning Center and is a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner.


Carla is a natural competitor, which not only translated into her winning a full-ride scholarship to play basketball in college and her lifelong enjoyment of playing golf, but she also competes with herself daily in the area of overall self-improvement. She is an evangelist for personal health and well-being, and she enjoys exercising to not only strengthen her body but also her mind and spirit. In addition to good nutrition, she loves to learn and feeds her mind by consuming one to four books a month.

Carla counts among her biggest blessings her wonderful husband of 33 years, 3 tremendous children and a beautiful daughter-in-law.  She enjoys playing and watching sports, including golf and hockey. Most of all she is an avid Michigan football fan and can frequently be found cheering in the stands or in front of the TV for her beloved Wolverines. Of course, as is her competitive nature, she is always the loudest. After shouting the Wolverines to victory, she enjoys soothing her vocal cords with a delicious bottle of wine with friends while having a much quieter, yet spirited, conversation about all of the game’s best plays.