By Sarah Gibbs, Senior Manager, Human Resources


Employee recognition is an important part of workplace culture. Recognition is one of the many ways that that companies can convey to employees that they are valued and their contributions to the success of the company have not gone unnoticed. In 2017 MDT announced several recognition awards. One of which is called the President’s Choice Award. This award is presented on an annual basis and is selected personally by our President & CEO, Larry Nichols. The individual, or individuals, who receive this award have displayed their dedication to MDT, their clients, and their exemplary work ethic. These individuals routinely go above and beyond in their work.

For 2022, not one, but two employees were selected as the winners of the President’s Choice Award. These employees have done exemplary work, assisting with unique projects, and often navigating new and complex areas while providing consistent support to the client and internally to other MDT employees. Not only do these employees do amazing work, but they also demonstrate a positive attitude and embody MDT’s core values. Their positive attitudes, patient natures, and persistence to succeed even when faced with challenges are why these individuals were selected as our 2022 President’s Choice Award winners.

A big congratulations to our two winners Christine Clark, Senior Business Consultant, and Dustin Sturdevan, Conversion Programmer! Both of these employees also had work anniversaries in the month of March with Christine celebrating 10 years and Dustin celebrating 8 years here at MDT. We are proud to have Christine and Dustin as part of the MDT team!

Winners of the President’s Choice Award receive a beautiful art glass trophy, personalized with their name. They also receive a $1,000 bonus from MDT and are invited to a special dinner with MDT’s President & CEO, Larry Nichols.