Employee with red umbrella


“Don’t Rush Challenge” Done With Flare

by Shannon Jenkins, Executive Administrator


Amid the Coronavirus pandemic stay at home order, MDT has tried to remain true to its Core Values and one of those is to Have Fun!  That being said, we posed a unique opportunity to the MDT staff to participate in a virtual “challenge.”  We asked our team to use their creativity and a little MDT flare and participate in the wildly popular “Don’t Rush” social media challenge inspired by TikTok. What is the “Don’t Rush Challenge,” you ask? Well, it is a compilation of individually shot videos set to music in which people are tasked with donning regular everyday outfits and then transforming into their most fashionable business look, in a jiffy! An individual will start their 10-second video in their casual, comfy clothing, doing something they normally enjoy doing, and then using an object to cover and then uncover the camera to reveal themselves completely made over into their most polished business look, seeming to have gotten ready in a matter of seconds.

Employee holding red umbrellaEmployee dressed up holding a red umbrellaEmployee carrying a basketballEmployee holding a camera

So where is the MDT flare? We challenged our team members to start their videos by showcasing something that shows off who they are: a hobby, a talent or a favorite activity. Using any sort of MDT logo-branded item such as a coffee mug, gym bag, or our ever famous gear pins, staff were then asked to reveal themselves in their crisp MDT logo wear look! Thanks to MDT’s very own Kevin Nether, these videos were then banded together to create one amazing video. From moms being moms to a motorcycle ride to our athletes showing off their skills, many members of the MDT team took the Don’t Rush Challenge in stride and nailed it! Check out the Video Link for yourself to see just how awesome it turned out!