Hello, my name is Rebecca Medalle, and I will be your new Applications Support Administrator. You probably know me by the various release and maintenance tickets I open from time to time. During my 13+ years at MDT, I have held many different positions in various departments. However, coordinating the Symitar Releases, Service Packs, annual AIX update, and a few miscellaneous other projects have always been a part of the job.

One of MDT’s core company values is to continually ‘evolve.’ This is an important value because the industry is always evolving. In alignment with this value and our current business needs, I have taken on the new role of Applications Support Administrator II. Adding this role enables us to continue to best serve our clients’ needs, expanding the products that fall into the upgrade or maintenance category by building and documenting new processes and templates. In addition to Symitar Releases, Service Packs, iTalk, and general AIX symhost upgrades, we hope to begin expanding that list over the next year to include other products. For example, SymApp, SymXchange, updated Banno PowerOns, and JSW, for starters.

In this role, I will be responsible for ensuring that systems are maintained from a patching or release perspective. It also involves collaborating with internal and external teams to coordinate and oversee these upgrades. As products are added to this new role, we will:

  • Monitor products for outstanding upgrades or enhancements.
  • Develop product upgrade templates including frequency, stakeholders, timelines, and other key details.
  • Work with the Communications team to ensure that clients are notified of upgrade or maintenance events.
  • Ensure tickets are opened for clients with details of upgrades or maintenance being performed, provide instructions regarding new documentation, and deliver updates on the schedule and expectations.
  • Report to MDT management on the upgrade or maintenance events’ progress as they are occurring.
  • Participate as coordinator during the upgrade or maintenance to oversee the completion of the event.
  • Serve as liaison between MDT, vendors, and clients as needed.
  • Continue to review current upgrade and release processes and seek out new ways to optimize efficiencies.

I look forward to this new (but familiar) role and continuing on this journey to ensure we provide the best service to our clients.


Rebecca Medalle