Microsoft Systems Engineer I – Great Falls, MT

Posted January 25, 2023

Salary Range: $61,000 – $71,000 (Based on Professional Experience)



This position is eligible for a hybrid work arrangement.



Responsible for maintaining smooth operations of all Company systems and applications.  Provides technical support to users and clients as needed, diagnoses and resolves systems and application problems, and monitors system security, backup, and overall system protection.  Evaluates, recommends and implements system software and hardware and assists in the development of IT strategies and policies.  Maintains professional business relations with clients and outside contacts.  Keeps management well informed of area activities.



Assumes responsibility for the effective administration of Company systems.

  • Maintains daily operations of Company applications and systems.
  • Adds, deletes, and updates user information.
  • Manages server disk space.
  • Monitors Company systems and provides detailed reports.
  • Diagnoses and resolves system and connectivity problems.
  • Ensures system security and proper backup and recovery.
  • Provides effective system protection.

Assumes responsibility for effectively developing, testing, recommending, and implementing new IT systems and processes.

  • Tests and evaluates software and hardware for reliability and functionality.
  • Procures and implements new software and hardware systems.
  • Develops processes to improve system reliability and proposes solutions to meet the future needs of both the Company and clients.
  • Evaluates and recommends standards for hardware and software operations in all Company systems. Assists in locating and implementing new products as needs arise.
  • Provides suggestions for the development of IT strategies and policies.

Assumes responsibility for establishing and maintaining professional working relationships with customers, suppliers, and outside contacts.

  • Tracks and resolves customer problems promptly and effectively.
  • Ensures that all systems support customer needs.
  • Obtains and conveys information as needed.
  • Promotes goodwill and a positive image of the Company.

Assumes responsibility for establishing and maintaining effective working relationships with area staff, other departments, and management.

  • Assists personnel in other departments to increase understanding of system operations and effectively integrate new technology.
  • Keeps management well informed of area activities and any significant problems.
  • Ensures that reports are completed accurately and timely.
  • Attends meetings as required.

Assumes responsibility for all other duties as required or assigned.

  • Ensures that work area is clean, secure, and well maintained.
  • Performs miscellaneous projects as assigned.
  • Updates technical skills as required.

Assumes responsibility for establishing IT disaster recovery plans and measures.

  • Assesses disaster situations, threats, and risks and identifies primary areas of vulnerability.
  • Researches recovery methods and recommends appropriate solutions for data storage, backup, and retrieval.
  • Ensures appropriate mechanisms are in place to protect network connections and servers. Establishes backup power sources.
  • Develops system recovery and relocation plans as well as replacement options.
  • Works with disaster recovery committee to develop a thorough IT disaster recovery plan. Makes necessary changes to the plan as the business environment changes or new risks develop.
  • Annually reviews all aspects of the IT disaster recovery plan. Makes adjustments as necessary.
  • Develops and implements IT disaster recovery training for company personnel.
  • Updates the written disaster recovery plan, as necessary.



  • System administration functions are performed effectively and in accordance with established policies and procedures.
  • End users are well supported. Software and hardware problems are carefully reviewed and promptly resolved.
  • Computers and peripheral equipment are well maintained.
  • Professional business relations exist with users and outside vendors.
  • Required reports are generated accurately and timely.




  • High school graduate with two years of additional college computer training or an equivalent combination of education, training, and experience.


  • Knowledge of system operations and all related computer hardware and software.
  • Knowledge of database reporting, user access control, security models, and backup processes.
  • Understanding of Company operations and output requirements.


  • At least two years of experience with PC hardware and software configuration and



  • Strong customer service skills and willingness to assist others.
  • Able to communicate complex information clearly.
  • Attentive to detail.
  • Strong problem-solving abilities.
  • Able to coordinate well with other departments and personnel.
  • Ability to operate network server, computer tape drive, and other business equipment.



  • No hazardous or significantly unpleasant conditions (such as in a typical office).
  • Additional hours, including Saturday/Sunday support, as required.
  • Occasional overnight travel for business purposes.
  • Long duration of computer workstation usage.
  • On-call responsibilities, available 24/7 via phone or pager.



  • Ability to deal with a variety of variables under only limited standardization.
  • Able to interpret various instructions.


  • Ability to use MS Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook)


  • Ability to read a variety of books, magazines, instruction manuals, and encyclopedias.
  • Ability to prepare memos, reports, and essays using proper punctuation, spelling, and grammar


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